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Alica Fox (7-8 Years) (2016)

The first character sheet for the new comic project “End of Silence”. Alica will be one of the main characters in this project and everything will starts with her in this story. Here Alica is round about 7 – 8 years old. I haven’t drawn many child characters in the last years (except Tira in 2006 and Rachel in the second part of Buzz’in Hornets 2015 – 2016). But it could helps usings child characters in comics and storys. I have no idea how good the new project works with her. But I have big plans with her. Alica Fox is already since 2004 one of my main characters and one of my most drawn characters. The child version of Alica exist since August of 2015. And yes, it’s Cleo in her arms 🙂

Name: Alica Fox
Race: Fox
Age: 8
Origin: Kanada
Arose: 2015 (Adult 2004)

You can find Alica (as child) in following comics:

  • End of Silence (2018 – open end)

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