Running Comic Projects

  • Buzz’in Hornets 3 – Escalation (Since January 2022)

Planned Projects

  • End of Silence (E.o.S.) (Webcomic)
  • Buzz’in Hornets – Source (Remake of the first part and a sidekick project)
  • Lost Within – The Dark Dimension
  • Buzz’in Hornets 4 – The final Frontier
  • Yuki
  • Nine Lifes – Cleo’s Story

Finished Projects**

*Comics with (or) more than 5 pages and/or a series of short comics.

Cancled Projects

  • Sabersisters (2017)
  • 3 Minutez (2007)

*My comics are all hand drawn and are not translated to english. Maybe in future I will work on a translation. But you can take a look into the comics now. Most of them understood itself 🙂