Commission informations:

Commission status: Closed – At the moment I can’t take any orders/commissions. Many thanks for understanding!

Price list (Updated May. 25th 2018):

Character shoots/pictures without background and no details:

  • Character without shading – outlines only – 30€
  • Character + shading and monochrome tint – 50€
  • Character + shading and coloration – 70€
  • Character reference sheet (depending on how particular) – starting at 50€

Two characters or more without backgrounds, no additional details:

  • Two chars without shading – outlines only – 50€
  • Two chars + shading and monochrome taint – 100€
  • Two chars + shading and coloration – 150€

Pictures with characters and backgrounds resp. with complex details:

  • With shading and detailed background – monochrome – 150€
  • With shading and detailed background – coloration – 180€
  • With more than one char and one of this two options – starts at 200€

Sketches – One character up to four characters:

  • Sketch with one or two characters (size eligible) – 20€
  • Sketch with three or four characters (size eligible) – 30€


  • Monochrome badge with name and shading – 40€
  • Colored badge with name and details – 50€


? – What are the prices?

A – The prices vary depending on the cost of the drawn image. I’m offering exclusively handmade art.
No digital post processing or manufacturing! Handmade works take longer than digital works and are more expensive. I have high quality demands on myself and take my time.
Also, there is something unique in your hand. The prices are non-binding and you can trading with me. Also I offering discount in multiple works by the same buyer 🙂

? – Can I have an print or scan of the artwork?

A – You can order a scan or an print of finished works. I print with laser printer and ideal operating paper for it.

? – What are you drawing?

A – The easiest way to answer the question is you check my galleries.
I can draw everything as a Commission.

? – Are special requests ok?

A – We can talk about everything 😀

? – Do you offering an diferent style as yours?

A – Sure. But please make sure I will add fees of 25% of the price on each piece. The reason is, an another style is more work for me. Also I want to sell my style. That’s the reason why I offering commissions.

? – Can I submit images with your characters in order?

A – Sure! I can sell each character expect Tira.

? – Do you offering comics as commisson?

A – Unfortunately, no. Comics are too expensive. I have many personal projects that swallow enough time. I offer only pictures/artwork and badges.

? – Which size you choose for your artworks?

A – I use european A4 formats. This is the size I use primarily for my artworks. I can also draw on A3 and A5. Special size only after requests.

? – Can I buy your works which you have displayed on your homepage?

A – No, I love my own productions, no matter how old or popular, bad or good they are.
However, I can make reproductions of some artworks if you want.

? – How long must I wait until you’re done with my commission?

A – This is depending on the order situation. I have always something to do and I don’t immediately start with orders. Usually you should wait four weeks after your ordered the commission. It may take up to three months sometimes. Please take care with me because I am not a machine, only a sabertoothed tiger girl :3

? – How can I contact you?

A – You can contacting me under

? – Oh Yes… how to pay you?

A – I accept only money! Payment options are PayPal and bank transfers or cash. More details as soon as we are in business 😉

? – Do you offer international service?

A – Sure thing. In this case no exceptions, I ship overseas too.
However, please don’t forget packaging & shipping costs. Also could it be that you have to pay costums taxes and fees. Overseas could cost even more than Europe shipping.