• July 21th 2021 – Less art but higher quality
    From now on I can only upload one artwork per week. My stock with new and old art is almost empty. So I need time create some new stuff and will (with exceptions) upload one time per week. The new art from 2021 is and will be in higher quality because I spend more time for most of the new artworks. Up to now the year is running with half power for me because I have to do some other things in my life. But that can and will change sometimes soon 🙂
  • June 3rd 2021 – Updated project list
    Today I upgraded my project list. There are no surprises but I wanted to bring it to the up to date point^^
  • May 18th 2021 – News from me and new plans…
    This year is more a slow year with new art. But this is what I want. After I endet 2020 with 100 finished artworks, I wanted only a minimum expenditure in making art. That means I only do artworks that will be enough for my weekly uploads. But the new artworks will be more more elaborate again – more details, backgrounds and more artworks finished with my fine technique.
    This condition I will hold for a longer time because I will start a new project in background… And no, I don’t reveal what it could be^^
    Btw… my homepage has arrived her fifth year of insist!
  • August 13th 2020 – No news so far
    Yes, the news says there are no news. But when you’re already there: I have made an Linktree. What? You don’t knwo what that is? Just klick the link 😀
    Tiras pages where she’s posting also her art.
  • April 18th 2020 – Happy Birthday
    Iceman-Studios is now four years old 😀

What’S shown on Iceman-Studios?

Lost Within

On an trip through time with some action, humor, fantasy and science-fiction*

  • My first and biggest project till today and the same time my beginning with drawing in 2005 – 2007 on more than 320 pages as webcomic: Lost Within
  • On every Saturday or Sunday I will post the next page. (164/320 pages online – Chapter 03 is running)
  • *This comic is hand drawn and you can only read it in german. There is no translation planed yet, I am sorry about that!

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