• June 12th 2020 – A few infos
    My provider for my homepage gave me the info that between June 18th and 19th my homepage will not running. The reason is a change of the server hardware. So please be patient if the site won’t loading 🙂
    The next chapter of my webcomic Lost Within will come in July. At the moment I havent time for scanning it. Thanks for understanding 🙂
  • April 18th 2020 – Happy Birthday
    Iceman-Studios is now four years old 😀
  • January 19th 2020 – Blue birds that tweets and updates^^
    Tira is now active on Twitter. I will post some art in next time and in future maybe more art. So please take a look sometimes!
    My homepage is now updated to the newest version. Also there are a few updates integrated. For the site visitors everything still running as usual 🙂

What’S shown on Iceman-Studios?

Lost Within

On an trip through time with some action, humor, fantasy and science-fiction*

  • My first and biggest project till today and the same time my beginning with drawing in 2005 – 2007 on more than 320 pages as webcomic: Lost Within
  • On every Saturday or Sunday I will post the next page. (164/320 pages online – Chapter 03 is running)
  • *This comic is hand drawn and you can only read it in german. There is no translation planed yet, I am sorry about that!

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