• June 19th 2022 – Changes and a retreat
    As you have noticed in recent weeks and months, my uploads, especially new images have become less and less. That had not so nice reasons. One of them was that I could not draw at all for a long time.
    This has depleted my reserves of new images.
    After I uploaded something on Facebook for the last time at the beginning of June, other sites like FurAffinity, Inkbunny and DeviantArt are following. This is not a retreat forever, just a long break, so that I can draw in silence for me alone and produce a decent amount of images again, without pressure, as well as finally start a comic project.
    It’s possible that I’ll make single posts now and then, but they won’t be more than once a month. Don’t be angry with me, but if I don’t go through with it, that’s it with drawing -.-
    I will keep you up to date. Thank you for your loyalty and your feedback.
  • March 02nd 2022 – A small update and news
    After three years I have renewed the silder on the top of the starting page. I created the designs already in early 2021 and finished them in early 2022. In addition, there are now six instead of five sliders^^
    In February I unfortunately had a small blockade and couldn’t draw much. Now in March it seems like making art works again.
  • September 18th 2021 – A few updates
    We increased a few updates for the homepage recently. The way how the chapters of my webcomic Lost Within is presented is now improved. Also I had to go the way with accepting the cookies and the homepage is uptodate with WordPress. Oh, and I will from now on upload a new page of my Lost Within comic on each Saturday.
  • August 13th 2020 – No news so far
    Yes, the news says there are no news. But when you’re already there: I have made an Linktree. What? You don’t knwo what that is? Just klick the link 😀
    Tiras pages where she’s posting also her art.

What’S shown on Iceman-Studios?

Lost Within

On an trip through time with some action, humor, fantasy and science-fiction*

  • My first and biggest project till today and the same time my beginning with drawing in 2005 – 2007 on more than 320 pages as webcomic: Lost Within
  • On every Saturday or Sunday I will post the next page. (228/320 pages online – Chapter 04 is running)
  • *This comic is hand drawn and you can only read it in german. There is no translation planed yet, I am sorry about that!

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