• Merry Christmas 🙂
  • Dec. 9th 2018 – Resurrection and new beginnings.
    It was a longer time I haven’t posted art. Sorry for waiting!
    In the time between June and end of October I had the best creative phase in the past years. Since beginning of November I had a break with drawing. It was not an complete cooldown because I finished a few further artworks. At that point the quote I wanted to beat till the end of this year was not reachable any more. So I will forge slowly the plans for the next year. In 2019 I don’t use mottos any more. Now I life my favorite motto “think creative” in future. Also I drew a few artworks with this motto in 2018.
    2019 will also be the year of some comic projects. “Buzz’in Hornets 3 – Escalation” will be my main project and also a new webcomic that will start in April. Also I will do some new illustrations, but this will be the smallest part in drawing in 2019. More infos for the plans in the next year will come when the year has started 😀

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Lost Within

On an trip through time with some action, humor, fantasy and science-fiction*

  • My first and biggest project till today and the same time my beginning with drawing in 2005 – 2007 on more than 320 pages as webcomic: Lost Within
  • On every Saturday or Sunday I will post the next page. (126/320 pages online – Chapter 03 is running)
  • *This comic is hand drawn and you can only read it in german. There is no translation planed yet, I am sorry about that!

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