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Alica Fox Sheet (2017)

Alicsa is one of my oldest characters and still one of the most characters I using fpr artworks and comics. Alica is an character from the first generation I made in 2003 – 2005 and is one of my four fox girls once I draw. I don’t draw Amanda and Vicky since 2004 any more – expect the character sheet of Vicky in 2011. Cassy was until 2007 active in my fox squad. But since 2010 I draw Cassy in new design again sometimes.
Alica is the younger sister of Max. A relationship to Cassy consists too. In 2014 I changed the design of Alica. I made her more modern and sophisticated, but I still use the old design. Meanwhile Alica is the second main character in my Rico comics since 2009. Conny was it before (2006 – 2009).
In 2015 I created the last Alica update until today. I made an child character of her.
Alica would be still an most frequnted character in my drawings. One reason is that she’s very popular meanwhile.

Name: Alica Fox
Race: Fox
Age: 24
Origin: Kanada
Arose: 2004 (2015 as Child)

You can find Alica in this comics:

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