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Holidays 2005 (2004)

An really old artwork. It was a time I started less than one year before with drawing. It was a time I wasn’t sure which style I want to learn and how to draw some other things… But I found the right way an the first artworks were made. It’s still a point to do: The 2018 summer theme. Because I don’t have a 2018 summer theme, I posted the 2004 theme at first.

The style was similar the style of today. The fox girl in the pool is Alica – still one of my main characters. The Kitty on the pool edge could be a first version of my cat Cleo I developed later in 2009. Yes, the title says 2005. I was like a announcement for summer 2005.

Done in 2004 with different crayon colors. The production of this artworks tooks round about 10 hours. But I don’t know the exact production time. I started in 2009 to record and notice the time I working on each artwork.

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