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Lola Bunny Fashion (1999/2003)

It was a time before I started to draw professionally. This picture accured in 1999 as pencil drawing. I hadn’t the skill for perfect proprtions and clean lines. It was drawn from a blueprint. The color came 2003 as additional factor. This picture was a part of my first steps to learn drawing by myselft, without blueprints. So I started in January 2004 to learn everything step by step.

This picture is telling the story were I want to go with drawing. Also the style I drawing today is like Looney Tunes by Warner Bros. But my target was to draw a familiar style with own compositions with anthropomorphic characterdesign. This is the way I still drawing toda^^

Done in 1999 and 2003 with a pencil for the outlines and the eyes. The colors are crayon colors that I still using today.

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