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Halloween (2018)

This is the continuation to the 2016 Halloween theme. There are only a few small changes in the design. I choosed Alica and Cleo again because it’S a perfect team in every illustrations with this two cuties.
In 2017 I wanted to create also an Halloween special with this two characters. But at the time I wanted to finishing the artwork I wasn’t able to draw. In this year I began already in August with sketching some theme illustrations including this one.
Here I used the first time a new color type. The orange is a Prisma color (US made). I like the color and the result. But I had a small problem after using the color with tiny chunks. It was a little bit irritating the remove these from the paper (analog by rubber)

Done in October 2018 with different pencils and a Prisma color orange in round about 30 hours.

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