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Let them go… (2018)

The autumn is there and again I drew Kim in full coloration with her balck clothes like in 2017. I wanted to beat the 2017 artwork in all processes. The color are more intensive, Kim is a little bid updated. Also the leaf is showing more dynamic, is brigther and more varying.
With 39 hours I took longer for this artwork as for the predecessor from 2017 (32 hours). It’s counting to the top three artworks with the longest time I needed for finishing since 2003.

Most of the colors are in two and three layers for the color intensity I wanted. The paper was on the border to fail. The cloth top I cutted in a few parts more than the first one from 2017

Done in October 2018 with normal cheap crayon colors and Polychromos and also with different pencils in round about 39 hours of work.

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