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Valentines accomplished Day (11.2020)

Conny and Cleo together again. After Conny bought Mia her dream outfit and surprised her, Conny is now wearing an new outfit too.

Green was a dangerous choise for this artwork here. Not only Conny is wearing a green (with light turkis touch) panty, also Cleo has changed the color of her neck loop color the first time since 2009. The color of choise was a request after I was asking my personal community on my Facebook profile for the wish of the color for the next artwork with Conny. There were a few colors with the same votes. Green/turkis was my choise at the end of them^^

So this picture series ends too after I started it in February. In 2021 I will make an longer art break and ending all running picture series.

Done in November 2020 with different pencils, fantasia colors and a Polychromo green in hatching style.

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