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Learn to let go… (Fall theme) (2017)

Autumn… the colors of this season tempted me to create this artwork in 2017 with my freshly created Lynx girl, Kim. It is the first time I using dynamic shadows on almost the whole artwork. I am also using a better technique for the gloss in her hair, which I would say looks great. The virgin killer top is the perfect choice and the falling leaves in autumnal colors bring it to the point. “Learn to let go…” is the title that means something is fading like the seasons, the colors and the impressions. It gives the artwork a light melancholic touch. If you look a little bit closer to the falling leaf in the vision of Kims eyes you can see the last green of the summer that is slowly fading away.

Done in November 2017 with different crayon colors in multi-layer for the correct color effects. The time I requierd was round about 32 hours and is completely hand drawn. This artwork is in my top ten of the most complexe pictures I ever made since 2003.

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