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Yuki – Spooky Halloween (10.2020)

Yuki… no one know her… till today. She’s an new character in my crew. My first red Panda. And what her makes special is: She’s a ghost. She’s more like an ghost, she’s an demon an shape shifter^^

I wanted to release her in October 2019 for Halloween but I was to busy with other artworks and then it was to late to finishing her. So her release is in 2020. Yuki, the red (dead) Panda. Why she’s dead? Well, I don’t wanna spoiling that now. Her background story will come next year. But her background is huge. I have big plans with her. Also I will do artowrks in color with her.

Done in October 2020 with different pencils and a Prisma Color Orange in hatching style.

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