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Vanilla – Not furproof (08.2020)

Vanilla – Not furproof… or better… Vanilla with cream? Anyway. Vanillas mood is down and she’s right… cleaning the fur after that could be a bit of work^^

After I was posting Vanilla – Appetizer and asking for antoher stuff like that and the resonance was all the way positive, I wanted to creat a new one, which is still not my regular stuff in art. I had really fun to create that artwork and it’s my last one. So Vanilla must be strong… her fur is not clean for a long time after her shower^^

Done in August 2020 with different pencils and a Polychromo red in hatching style.

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  1. Oswaldo 19. February 2021

    Owo vaya no me di cuenta que has estado subiendo mas contenido +18

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