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Vanilla – Happy (10.2018)

(Text is from 2018 and not up to date)

This is one of four hatching artworks from a series with Vanilla aka Nicki that I drew in October 2018. I love to create artworks that needs 2 – 5 hours for finishing. Hatching technique I never used many years ago. This has changed since end in 2016. After I created some sketches and filled an sketchbook in March and April in 2018 I learned how to draw in hatching style. Now I use hatching style most time in every second artwork or illustration in grey shading and in color.

I used Vanilla in 2017 as concept character and was once only as concept character planed for a illustration in color. In 2018 I changed Vanilla (her real name is Nicki) to one of my main characters and changed nothing to the concept.

This pose is telling everthing. Vanilla is happy, Vanilla is cool, Vanilla is an cheetah girl :3

Done in October 2018 with different pencils and a Polychromo red in round about 4,5 hours of work.

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