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Vanilla – Character sheet (08.2019)

After I released Vanilla in her final colorated version in May 2019 I wanted to create a charakter sheet of her. Well… here is the final one that is presenting Vanilla^^

Here the nude version of her

Her facts:

  • Her age is 19 and her origin is Africa.
  • The first time I draw her was in 2004 with her original name Nicki. In 2016 I created her in the first monochrome concept, in 2017 the colored version came as concept. Since October 2018 Vanilla was integrated in my character pool.
  • Nicki Jang is her full name. Vanilla as name was more an coincidence because of her hair color.
  • She love it to walk bottomless 😀
  • Her red collar is only a design decision by me.
  • Vanilla is vegetarian – No bad idea for a big cat XD
  • She’s having a sister (up to now I haven’t release her)
  • More facts will follow by the future.

Done in August 2019 with Polychromos and Fantasia colors in multible layers for the correct color mixture.
For this artwork I created the clothes on a different sketch. The put together with Vanilla was my first digital cut on two pictures. Wunderhase gave me support with it and I learnd how to work more digital. Thank you for that^^

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