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The plan with the eggs… Easter Theme (2019)

All the years again… A Wunderhase is hiding the easter eggs and the kids wants to support the plan. This time Tira, Mia and Alica works together and working out the plan to hide at least one egg at the right place. And again someone will loose his underpants… XD

The facts:
-On the artwork you can see from left to right Wunderhase, Tira, Mia and Alica.
-Wunderhase is having now the current skin design.
-The baseball bat this time is the Trophymaker 6K (in the last year the baseball bat was the trophymaker 5000).
-The first time with text for telling the story of the artwork.
-Also the first time I created a small background for the telling of the story. Also the artwork is more lively.
-Alica is with Wunderhase every time on the Easter and panty hunt artworks. The other character are vary sometimes again.
-Done with different pencils and a Polychromo red in April 2019.

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