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Self esteem (2012)

Not only Jessy has her self esteem in this case embattled (this body would have some girls gladly). I got also a bunch of self esteem with this picture and this pose. This posing was in two ways difficult to realize. At first I wanted to have the szenario from down below to a view to the top. The second point was to set Jessy in front of an mirror. It works…

Possibly similarities to Lola Bunny from the movie Space Jam are intended. My Jessy could be the sister of her. But my drawing style was similar like the Looney Tunes character design in the time from 2005 till 2012. I changes step by step since 2010 till today. But I will make a special category in this subject soon. Also I will present Jessy in a Charakter sheet in 2017 🙂

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