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Mia’s Fashion Bliss VII (04.2020)

Part seven of this series. Mia makes acrobatics… and loosing her socks and pantsu XD
Yes, she’s sitting on her tail. I thinks her tail is strong enough to make this pose possible.

This time I added light reflections on her sweater – if this real or not it doesn’t matter to me – but it looks better^^

If you want to see the older ones of Mia’s Fashion Bliss series, please take a look in to my gallery.
This one was planed as the last one of this picture series. But it seems like some of you loving her in this role… Ok, I will do some more of her. Maybe I make the year with her complete. So five are still coming until October.

Done in April 2020 with different pencils and Polychromos in hatichng style.

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