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Leony Zakhaev Concept (2014)

With the time I always again creating new characters. I have some characters in my mind and forget it again because it’s no good idea. Other characters in my mind are great and I love the ideas of it. Loeny here is a touchdown. The history of developement is easy to tell: Like my character Tabbie was is a friendship to a girl what this character yielded. If I asking her for the favourite animal and the name she wishes, put a few additional ideas to it and the recipe was noticed and a few hour later fishied served. Actually Leony is a finshed character. But I don’t like her second name “Zakhaev” (yes, it’s the bad guy in the Call of Duty – Modern Warfare series). So she’s still not final done. Leony is a perfect first name because she’s a Leopard girl… a snow Leopard girl 🙂

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