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Get your Trophy! (2016)

Once upon a time it was a bunny… or should I begin different? As we still are kids we had some stupid and outrageous ideas. We used some quaintly ways to get our trophys in our adventures. Why Tira stolen the underpants of Wunderhase? Well… just kids.

It’s long time ago I drawn tira as child. It was in 2006 and 2007 I drawn pictures of her and the design was strong different. Alica still exists a little bid longer as child in my character portfolio. The idea to make kids from my main character has her origin in 2015, though…

Wunderhase is btw. the creater of my homepage here. I used his character and/or alterego for this idea.

Done in 2016 with different pencils in round about 20 hours of work.

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