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Cid – Final Sundown (2017)

A another commission for Cid.

This time a complete coloration. It was in 2005 I draw many colored artworks like this. In 2009 I had done a few colorations too. Here you can see is a classic szenario with an sundown, a skyline at the beach. But it isn’t the complete story. I allowed to insert a mini story for this artwork. “Final Sundown” tells the story about the sun umbrella at the beach. It’s noch the original umbrella from the Umbrella Corp. but together with the titel you can thing what’s going on.

Done in 2017 with many different crayon colors (Fantasy Colors and Polychromos) und a little bit pencil in round about 18 hours. The colorchangings are not nice because of the scan. The original looks much better than the scan. I used a few new colorations techniqes for this artwork.

In the next few days I will post a progress special for this artwork were you can see the process of the coloration.


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