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Erja – Finland Kangaroo (02.2020)

Blue and white: Finland. My closeness to this country exist since a long time. So it is clearly, that I have to make fanart for Finland. Blue and white are the famous shimapan (that striped undies) from Japan. These having a cult status as well. Thank you animes and Mangas XD

Blue and white is in two points the connection in this picture here. Erja the Kangaroo is from Finland (I promise!). Her character debut was in 2018 after a Idea of a good friend. The blue ribbon on her leg is her personal marking (like the red collar from Vanilla).

Minä rakastan Suomea. Minä rakastan sininen ja valkoinen 😍

Done in February 2020 with different pencils, a Polychromo blue and a Fantasia blue in hatching style.

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